Museum-Reserve named after F.Tyutchev. Moscow Region, Russian Federation

Way to museum:

By Local train from Yaroslavskij Railway Station (Moscow ( see schedule) to Ashukinskaya Ашукинская; then bus N 34 to stop "Muranovo Museum" or local mini-bus (travel cost 100 roubles (~ 3 USD).

By Car: use Yaroslavskoe highway (M8). To get route from where you start, type start point address in form below and press Get Route button.

GPS Lattitude: 56° 10' 41.678 (56.178244)
GPS Longitude 37° 54' 10.444 (37.902901)

Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 (Saturday  10.00 to 21.00).
Museum is closed by Mondays and last Fridays of each month.

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