The Museum-Reserve "Mouranovo Estate named after F. Tyutchev" is a unique sample of middle-class noble manor of the XIX century. The historic manor is located 50 km from Moscow along the Yaroslavl railroad. For some time, the poet Yevgeny Boratynsky lived here with his family.

According to his drawings and plans here was built a house in Mouranovo survived till our time. Also, there lived a family of poet Fedor Tyutchev whose family relics and manuscripts were moved to the estate after his death. Mouranovo became the main place of storage of the heritage of the great Russian poet.

Today, the museum complex of Mouranovo combines several buildings: the Main Mansion, the Outbuilding and the Kitchen, the Ironing house, the Kucher’s house, the Lednik, the House Church of the Saviour Vernicle and some others. During your visit you will see all these sights and plunge into the atmosphere of life of well-educated nobility in a Russian manor of the XIX century. The museum collection accounts more than 28,000 exhibits. The major part of them is memorial and belonged to the owners of the estate and their relatives. It’s one of the richest collections of furniture in Russia, a great variety of art materials, a large memorial library which has more 90,000 books.

It’s so pleasantly to walk in the Mouranovo park, to go by the rose and linden alleys, to see the remains of a pond system, to feel pleasant coolness under the canopy of ancient oaks and larches.Visitors of the museum are offered some fascinating excursions. The sightseeing excursion tells about former owners of this estate and meets with architecture memorials and natural venues. Children and adults will be liked the theatrical excursion “Estate Kitchen” where all secret recipes of old dishes will be disclose and it will be able to see kitchen utensils of XIX century. Interesting temporary exhibitions hosts regularly in the exhibition hall of the museum whose themes are of a very wide range.